Alchemical Cake


N ever is there a right time to do the wrong thing. Alchemy exists to assure those who partake; that the odds are that they’ll have a far more superior experience in life than not. Nothing is left out of these formulations to do anything but assure a far more superior experience in life than not …for those who partake.

Z ero chemicals, no toxicity. Highest nutrient density. Life supporting energetically charged prismatic elixirs in the form of conveniently packaged & perfected bon bons, energy bars, truffles& microdots. Bulk sizes are in kilograms & ‘cheese-wheel’ sizes. Made from over 200 plant based varietal combinations of entheogenic herbs, including healthy high-energizing stimulants & nootropics into proprietary blends of berries, vegetables, spices, flowers & roots with over 170 pristine earth based elemental compounds.

NOTE: Individual or company orders may be made by requesting a direct consultation from our Concierge Desk at: [email protected]. The Concierge for this division will call you directly to place your order for delivery.

A N T I D O T E!

Formulation QZT19!
NOTE: Individual or company orders are carefully tended to and may be made by requesting our Concierge Desk at this email: [email protected].
The Concierge of this division calls you directly to assist you in consultation & from there, you are then facilitated further, by our Concierge Specialty Clientele Services Bureau, comprising of expertise from each division of ECOPLEX to fulfill each facet of the delivery for you.