ECOPLEX, an innovative, elegant Access gateway into human, soil & livestock bioremediation displacement technologies; while featuring the highest quality of alchemical consumables, in the form of edible entheogenic & plant-based products; and in the company of the friendliest, most educated team members across the multi-faceted industry. “The evolution of the revolution”

ECOPLEX 7 STAR” demonstrates, makes available and shows exhibitions of leading-edge displacement technologies for bioremediation of the human condition on multiple levels of scale, having manifested a pervasive however obscure heath optimization and re-genesis culture. Entheogenic plant based medicinal concoctions & decoctions, are elegantly & formally integrated within the ceremonial culture of an earth friendly systemic order.

Spectral-acousto-optical multiplexor as a Nexus Server; 9 expansive elevated health life zones; interpretational interrelated interdependent collaborative, protected, ceremonial healing & meditational LUXNomadic superior spaces, are held within the fabric of beautiful, purposeful, accessible yet remote locations. Striking by design, each location installs a fortress of horizontally managed vertically integrated ‘off grid independent smart-architecture’. To grace the walls across stylized geomantic architecture are priceless stacks of Certificated Fungible Assets and vintage, proven NFT block-chained contemporary art, sometimes along with art historical retrospectives.

Present, are existential, unfiltered and unleashed political & philosophical silos to back & support dialogue on the issues impacting people around the world, intrinsic to our programme of renaissance. As a member-donor & member-key-holder or invited visitor, you are facilitated into guided OutbacKEDGES tours. Being graced by access. an Eschelon of top artist talks, lectures, film screenings and other special events loaded with ‘perks & privilege’.

The technological advancements and order of magnitude of ART & Celebrated Artists local to world-wide & Technologists exhibitions are sponsored & produced by Eschelon Capital@Interchange in collaboration with some of the most advanced initiatives that are possible within applied Fungible Asset Technologies and proven displacement technologists. Artists, Influencers & Renaiisance cultivators, are insulated within this platformed collaboration and professionally structured coordination with select but avant-garde museums around the world and therefore this often attracts international attention.

ECOPLEX is a monumentally radical improvement to American Culture and all culture everywhere, wherever it is integrated, as an earth-friendly eco-system; a Replication-Delivery-Unit NEXUS-SERVER CENTER facilitates this Golden Era of exponentiation. Please note: Many Patrons here, who hold Member Keys, are of a mind-set to where; they derive a great deal of enjoyment, out of the nostalgia of 50’s & 60’s pop-culture; that being a given for them, all of arts & music are a weave that is individuated to fit any preference or ceremony.

Welcome to ECOPLEX

the Perfect SAFEHARBOR. the Perfect SAFEHAVEN.

You Cannot Buy This At the Hilton

NOTE: Individual or company orders are carefully tended to and may be made by requesting our Concierge Desk at this email: [email protected]. The Concierge of this division calls you directly to assist you in consultation. From there, you are facilitated further, by our Concierge Specialty Clientele Services Bureau. The Bureau is comprised of superior expertise from each division of ECOPLEX to fulfill each facet of the delivery for you at unpresented levels of courtesy, etiquette & expertise.

Concierge Specialty Clientele Services Bureau provides for Member-Donors & Key-Club Members, a lifetime of unmatchable fulfillment premiums found nowhere else but here. Customers, booking weekends or holidays, receive superior services, products & options for placement into Specialty Services Bureau facets, by acquiring any given level of Member-Donor Status. “After All, One Must Be a member to Join