Outback Amenities


We live in a busy and often loud world, and moments of total peace and quiet can be hard to come by. Your flightpath into Safe Harbor. Your flight path into Safe Haven. Anchored by the most necessary elements of support for the greatest of Universal Causality. It takes a level of Concierge and Expertise not so easily found, to access the levels held within this degree of order to support life-long far-journeys. We provided the Upscaling of ECOPLEX, with all of its features & functions, for our privileged access Member-Donors and our exclusive Private-Membership-Club. Otherwise, inaccessible, we provided this for weekend & holiday vacationers to be enabled to access it as well. When you start to prepare for your next vacation, consider a unique experience that you can easily elongate into a Lifetime of highest quality, in living life to the fullest that only Outback Edges at ECOPLEX can offer. Based out of Sedona, AZ.

We have it all; the best of motor sports and secured communications. Beautifully stylized & designed, the luxury is infused with the living-energies of Apothecarial Alchemy delivered by ZAKLABS and held within private, individuated nomad tents & private, individuated luxury nomad LuxYurtVillas; structures that are customized, individuated and designed especially for discerning customers and clientele, ready for use. Your flight path out of all the noise into a weekend get-a-way, an extended holiday, or …into a lifetime of experiencing Nirvana daily.

ENERGY PACKED & INFUSED with WHAT’S MISSING from THE FOOD-CHAIN in the MODERN WORLD of MUNDANITY. Each of the luxury NomadTents or LUXViLLA Yurts is infused with living energies & enhanced by Acoustic-optical-binaural beautiful sound to grace bejeweled geomantic infrastructure. Each dynamic living environment comes equipped with comfortable sleeping arrangements & amenities so that you can fully enjoy the great outdoors. Take a break from the noisy world. Enjoy the adventure & a most relaxing stay with Outback Edges.

NOTE: To contact our Concierge, please email: [email protected]. Your communications from selections of preferences which you wish to acquire on this site are taken in by our Concierge Desk & comprehensive Concierge Specialty Clientele & Customer Services Bureau. The Concierge for this division will call you directly to assist you in beginning to acquire your preferences. Concierge works with you and our AEEE multi-faceted Services Bureau to guide & facilitate you in utilizing LuxTentCatalogue & Enviro-Control in this sector of ECOPLEX; additionally, together with our Apothecarial & ZAKLabs divisions your journey from Member-Donor into dynamic life-time Membership, is an extraordinary departure from the modernity of mundanity and… ‘The Maelstrom of the Nonsense of the Nothing’. Your vehicle preferences are held within the categories below, while our organization accommodates all aspects of your adventure.