Alchemy of Mineralized Roots Elixirs


M inerals & the ‘Alchemy of energetically charged roots elixirs’ are ‘the missing elements from the food chain‘. Food-grade concentrated rarefied Earth Minerals are infused within this plant based Eschelon of Ayervedic Apothecarial Alchemical formulation stream. Formulations and expertise in sophisticated productization brought forth this generation of commodity value energy gemstones for the bioremediation of the Human condition on multiple levels of scale. Drink it, eat it, absorb it & set yourself free from the bondage of the toxic bar-coded telecom grid food & beverage system. Pristine food-grade mineralized roots-elixirs, ‘the missing elements from the food chain’.

Q zt19! Apothecarial Ayervidic Alchemy. A sacrament of the order & an emancipation into liberation from the toxic world of ‘the maelstrom of the nonsense of the nothing’. Viruses hold refuge within the cellular body & are a parasitical pernicious drain on the human body. Viruses have toppled dynasties, changed the outcome of wars and altered & crippled populations while entirely destroyed economies, worldwide has decimated the social fabric & order of mutually beneficial cultures everywhere. Case in point, in our modern world, viruses and other infectious microbes can easily hitch rides on international flights to and from any major city. A tourist visiting Thailand can bring home a strain of human immunological deficiency virus from a sexual encounter in Bangkok. A grandmother visiting a family in San Fransisco following a stay in China can harbor a potent influenza virus in her lungs and pass it to her grandchildren who transmit it to other children in preschool. Viruses are not only the cause of many infectious diseases, ranging from the common cold to slow death of AIDS and the frightening fevers, but they have dramatically influenced history as well.

Over the past few years, the world is introduced to COVID19 with a net result of halting down entire economies of scale; while other pernicious pathogens are introduced used as bioweapons which use viruses, nanotech & other malfeasance to wipe out large sections of the world population.

Antidote is derived through daily applied use of the Alchemy & through the alchemy comes liberation from external invasion by ‘the external authority’. Genocidal warfare is engineered by well-known external authoritarian forces which administrate and perpetrate long-term parasitical dominance over populations; the dystopian artificial intelligence & pervasive mind-kontrol driven bio-weaponry based programs such as what are described above may be counter-acted by more superior ways and means of nullifying such Apocalyptic circumstances & the related plagues which are putting humans and life in general at great odds of emerging into ‘the 4th extinction’.

Liberation through an Eschelon of Apothecarial Alchemical Cakes & Earth based elementals. Deriving the many useful shapes, sizes & dosages into beautiful & delicious Alchemical Cakes. Ingesting superior fuel in the form of the Alchemy and bioremediating the human health condition on multiple levels of scale, destroys viruses where they live within the cellular body & dissolves & transmutes severe life-threatening imbalances generated from external toxicity.

Deadly toxicity & pernicious imbalances are nullified through ingestion of these superior fuels for the Human body. Our platform and its programs apply daily use of the Alchemy and components of ECOPLEX. The daily dive into ECOPLEX and applied use of its chambers of robust health optimization Technolgies, liberates people from the bondage of bad health & lack of knowledge. Made available for anyone or organization wishing to access, ECOPLEX offers a dynamic program of local to worldwide movement of departure from pathological systems generating unwelcome imbalance in life from out-of-control toxicity. The result of bioremediation on multiple orders of scale is freedom from bondage and enslavement to misery.

E njoy Life! Raise your Vibe! Change the way others access reality through your discovery & enjoyment of this Alchemy. Formulation Qzt19! emerges to the forefront pristine food-grade mineralized roots-elixirs, ‘the missing elements from the food chain’.


Formulation QZT19!
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