Weekend Warriors “Ecology Compliant”


Below coordinates are Get-a-Way Choices on weekend get aways & holidays.
For serious discovery & exploration professionals we arrange Quality Adventures for a Lifestime of Legacy & Conservancy @SAFARI-ADVENTURES & FAR JOURNEYS!

BUT FIRST PLEASE an IMPORTANT NOTE: Our organization does not rent ATV’s or off road vehicles to anybody that is not entrained into the proper operations and use of the All Terrain Vehicle so that they do not damage & harm the environment.. In fact, our organization uses All Terrain Vehicles to help the Forrest Service and www.SedonaResidentsUnit.com help people eveywhere to do the following about abusive ATV use in the sensitive desert ecosystems. How an you help & how do we help with the ATV debacle? 1. Don’t rent ATV’s from any businesses that cannot prove that they are providing their customers a certification training process to use ATVs’ properly. 2. Tell the US Forrest Service to STOP SUPPORTING ATV ACCESS Without proper Limitation & Management of the ATV’s! 3. Write your legislators about it! Support and donate to: SedonaResidentsUnite.com. And here are some of the FACTS about the ATV Debacle: 1. ATV dust kills forest trees 2. Produce noise pollution 3. Are a Safety 4. Not intended for road use. ALL of THESE ISSUES & MORE Must be Addressed! At SEDONAWEST our organization goes out of its way to do things properly. We’re working with SedonaResidentsUnite.com to bring together resources & intelligence to bring real solutions to difficult issues like the ATV debacle. FACT: The big ATV suppliers like POLARIS are suppying large volumes of Capital to the US Forrest Service. Is that not a conflict of interest? LOOK INTO IT FOLKS! And, book your holiday & vacations with SedonaWest! A % of all bookings goes to ending hunger & resolving complex issues in our Region like the ATV Debacle! And… out of control Conflicts of Community Impact Interests from rampant Corporate Pay-offs into Local business establishments running a Barrel of ROTTEN APPLES togethe with Legal Laggarts & Criminally Defunct & Defective Police Departmental Municipal Corruption! Take the Position folks and stand them all down! … and get your Culture & your Country back! NOW. Because if you wait, you’ll never get a chance like this again to TAKE your inalienable Rights back! Welcome to AMERICAS’ all out CIVIL WAR against… the ’21st Century Pzchizoid man:-)’ Where’s that Terrible TED NUGENT? Likely preparing a nice country hoe down with us, in readiness for the next rounds of out GREAT! … ALL AMERICAN FREEDOM RALLYS! “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” DTrump.
A Sedona West, OutbackEdges adventure Campsite desti nation with 360-degree panaramic vistas and although a remote forest desert site, this is an incredible location to experience, with access to everything between Sedona travelling 89-A to Paige Springs and into Cottonwood, to Gerome. discovery, expeditionary level excursions are able to be taylored to meet indivualized outcomes.

✓Early risers Cowboy style Sunrise Breakfast off the top of Loy Butte. Sedona West Backcountry tour with additional Individuated preferred premium class touring options, into the areas of: Cottonwood – Mingus Mountain Clarkdale –Gerome & PRIMO Paige Springs Winery Tours with full circle touring into & out of West Sedona & featuring seLect Tourist Attractions along 89-A OakCreek & across the Sedona Basin through OakCreekVillage across Sedona Vortex Basins into V.O.C. Extensive HighaLpine Desert Mountains touring options through stunning rugged OutbacK terrain across ✓Verde River & Verde River Valley touring the full Verde River circle back into ruraL Cottonwod & HighCamp@ SedonaWest® for another UFO SedonaWest DarkSkyWatch & Highcamp Cowboy barbecue cookout with SedonaWest serene surround & LuxTent Sleep in & cowboy breakfast at LoyButte.

Managed & Supervised Ecology ATV rugged terrain Access & Hiking the ✓Loy Butte Canyon country,
into Adventurous exploration of the lost canyons where Reality Shifts away from the known into the unknown mysteries of the alpineHighDesert and….. Horseback Riding options in the lost Canyons.
Experience SedonaWest & discover unseen mysteries of the WiLdWiLdWesT.

General Synopsis below
allows for week-end warriors from all walks of life, to acquire dynamic and expansive access into the entire region, with overall convenient exclusive accessibility for Ala Cart bookings options. Experience the WiLDWiLDWest through a rarefied lens of unseen worlds within worlds, from out of Sedona West and its sublime Loy Butte adventure camping sites; takes advantage of our optimized eco-tourism corridors across this iconic, world-clase destination matrix.
ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Park Adventure Safari. Optimum ‘fast track’ adventure and bar none, incredibly cool territorial access. We provide you with professionally guided, world-class services through pristine, outback high alpine ATV desert terrain.
The ‘Flagstaff Outback’ Adventures on Horseback! The ride on the horses from the main day lodge at TheWoodShedAZ!™, to this dynamic horse back riding adventure park (Ponderosa Pine Forest covered volcanic Cinder Basins and broad expansive horse back ranches and range country), is nothing short of ‘Outrageously S.W. Outback!
The ‘Sedona Outback’ Adventures on Horseback! At literally the very end of the road, removed from everything, yet next to all things, is the mystique and legendary “Red Rocks of Sedona”. This extraordinary Outback Horseback riding adventure becomes what is truly a great example of the essence of life in Sedona.
Mountain Biking Adventures. Integrated with dynamic hiking, rock-hounding and rock-climbing! Professionally guided, rarified world-class services through pristine, beautiful and matchless, outback high alpine mountain biking desert terrain.
Rock Hounding, Rock Climbing Adventures. Integrated with Mountain Biking! Your Rock-Hounding adventure explorations take you through multiple forms of high desert territory from 3,000 feet above sea level to 13,000 feet above sea level.
Trout Fishing Adventures. A forty-minute drive from iconic Outback location HighCampSedonaWest!™ DesertMastersLookout™ Sedona-EnergyParks!™; is beautiful Oak Creek. Catch and release fishing for native brown and stocked rainbow trout is available to guests staying at HighCampSedonaWest!™DesertMastersLookOut!™ and extensions Sedona-EnergyParks!™
Guided Fishing Service. Enhanced fishing advetures with experienced Arizona local fishing guides. Arizona is a year-round fishery with an average of 335 days of sunshine. Some of our best fishing is during the winter months where temperatures are still comfortable during the day. You and your guide will discuss fishing options to make sure the experience you have is beyond memorable!
Snowskiing Adventures. In the winter, you can put your cross country skis on right outside the front door. If we need to take you to higher ground, your ride takes you up country just behind the lodge, through vast panoramic views of high desert territory and then, when you reach the bottom. If your not into cross country skiing, then we’ll take you to the Arizona Snow Bowl. After a snow storm here, one can experience some of the driest snow in the world, with some of the greatest territorial cross-country down hill skiing at San Francisco Peaks!
Paragliding Adventures. This unique Xtreme-sporting adventure, is for those who wish to experience, a minimum three-day weekend booking with no more travel time to Flagstaff local area hotels. At HighCampSedonaWest; a remote site OUTbacKEDGES!™ destination, you have your own Outback entertainment & superior adventure location. Full vehicular access to the local territory sporting stylized, LUXVillaTENT accommodations!
Tribal Legends and Lore. Set behind the black lava fields of Sunset Craters’ national monument and into the Blast Zone of one of the Earths’ greatest stratospheric eruptions of all time, the mesas and canyons grace the edges of the Painted Deserts, hundreds of miles on and across the Little Colorado River and into the four corners of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona.
The Great Circle and National Parks. Northern Arizona Local Destinations, Fall Colors and National Monument Guide. For Flagstaff, Sedona (and greater Verde Valley), Grand Canyon and Grand Falls Areas. Distances are close estimates from HighCampSedonaWest™ DesertMastersLookOut™ locations.