Apothecarial Dragons’ Capsules & Roots Elixirs


Qzt19!™ is a specific series, of powerful Ayurvedic cell-food fuels as integrative health formulations created and designed for whole-body-brain connection. And, relative to the LIONS GATE STAR GATE CULTURE, these products and our related Elevated Health Life optimization services and Elevated Retreats. Qzt19!™ Prismatic eLixir™ products, are holistic science realm based and highRED-vibration integrated for inducing & c o n d u c t i n g, bio-phontonic dna-light code a c t i v a t i o n …for physically accessing the inter-dimensional realm.  

ZenAlchemy KitchenLabs. Dragon Caps. Experience what is actually going on in the big-picture of the Reality of Trilality on Planet Earth and ACCESS friendly highly e v o l v e d beings delivering the world of non-existant reality. [RAISE the VIBE! DRILL DOWN into ECOPLEX SPACE @ HighCamp Sedona West]

This powerful life shifting product formulation series is nootropic and whole body energizing & harmonizing. The art of its origins is ZENALchemy, accomplished with a combination of ancient practices – principals & protocols and using newly emerging leap-frog technologies, innovation & insights, as a healing arts formulation based platform of health-optimization. The culture delivers a series of layered integrative products and superior health enhancement, by also understanding and experiencing the “Good Earth Medicine”. Elevated Health Life, ZAKLab™ – Alchemy Elixrs, are delivered, in a variety of forms and are of a high vibrational super-natural nature, serving to help attain balance, as superior for your health.

Qzt19!™ Formulations, termed as ‘Dragon series products’, come in a variety of gel capped formulations, and also include a health building, powerful and delicious liquid energy elixir formulations culture of Dragon series LiquidPrismElixrs™, that are made with structured, energized, living-energetic- hydro electron water.

WHAT is magnetic electro?

Magnetic’ or ‘brainwave’ end of the spectrum of these products which compliments the ‘electro’ or ‘heart wave’ spectrum, therefore, the term ‘magnetic-electro’ in the description of the Elevated Health Life ‘Prismatic magnetic-electro Elixir Dragon line’

WHAT is ORAC Standard?

Qzt19!™ contains an OXYGEN RADICAL ABSORBANCE & ALCHEMICAL CAPACITY which is an upgrade to ‘the ORAC Standard’, and a proven, Elevated Health Life™ – ZAKLab™ formulation series, delivering the Aggregate Compound Complex of the Scientifically Proven Elements and Linkages to Vibrant Health. Qzt19! is an ultra-premium, Crystalline Alchemical line of products. Qzt19!™ contains, a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino, organo-elemental-compounds and plant sourced energies from (“Wild-crafted whole fungi, roots, earth elementals, flowers, seeds, certain fruits and certain vegetables and a myriad of other categorically proven, medicinal healing ‘spices and herbs.

The caps can be taken with an ElixrMixer™ system made with Elevated Health Life’s’ lab generated, Living-Hydro Water proven, to eradicate imbalance (disease) inside the vacuum of ‘the human machine’. Liberation into a powerfully optimized wellness of health and wealth is experienced from knowledge & the daily application of simple but necessary protocols & practices. Here at ZAKLabs™ the daily application of the alchemy through the simplicity of what we have created for accessing biological immortality is a reality-modification on an order of magnitude. Inside this realm, we partake of a powerful combination: Ingest the dragon-caps, enjoy the Alchemical Cake, drink of the rarefied pristine-hydro based mineralized roots-elixirs. Achieve liberation from the lack of wellness. “To Your Health!”


Formulation QZT19!™
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