Access Safe Harbor. Access Safe Haven.

ABOUT US. We’re in it for the long haul. From the aesthetic of provisioning worthy living environments; into ‘planted seed to lab to sale’, we’re dedicated to making your experience at ECOPLEX exactly that — the best. Through extraordinary levels of upscaled innovation, we provide unique and needed ‘alternative luxe’ environments, together with unified-field based displacement technology showcases, focused on human bioremediation. We are unique, offering an Outback to Metro-Crosswalk of upscaled experiences. Coming soon, a retail storefront, headquartered in Sedona, Arizona. Everything from our privately appointed showcases and luxe product display rooms to our educated staff, and unsurpassable white glove concierge customer service, and onsite cultivation have been curated to give you, our VIP client, a supremely elevated experience.

High Vibrational Aesthetics Combines a Curriculum of One’s Own Microbiome. The primary medium of the Apothecarial ZAKLABS facets of Human Bioremediation aspects contain a cornucopia of delicious herbal non-alcoholic beverages, alchemy-elixir based chocolates, handmade Super fuel health optimization in the form of an otherwise publicly unavailable one-of-a-kind, medicinal AlchemicalCake served in multiple forms, microspheres, truffles, bonbons, bars & bulk quantities. Genesis through bioremediation is complimented by new energy infusion for radically improving health & lifestyle from proven exponential realm health & wealth optimization machines, alternative displacement technologies, non-public domain, art & i.p. empowered printed educational material & private domain discussion.

Our universal causal field of access is to share life-changing & life-supporting rich educational principles with the public based on our well insulated & instituted private domain of structured work. With Access into our OutbacKEDGES programs, you bridge seamlessly across the great abyss between Toxic-Metro-Telecom-Grids, into vibrant multi-sited outback range ecology exploration experimental station depot site installations.

Our historic Western Banking storefront includes the following

  • Primary Fungible Assets. Hard Asset base of Bankless Interchange. Gateway to Safe-Harbor.
  • Teahouse Fizzbar Apothecary Lounge of Tea and Herbal Beverages featuring our QZT-19 brand of food and supplement products [samples included with member-donor status completed]
  • Stocked Apothecary of Wildcrafted, Organic, Herbal & Natural Products featuring our QZT-19 line of products [samples included with member-donor status completed]
  • Chocolate Case Stocked with locally made Chocolatiers’ Chocolate and Truffles by ZAKLABS chocolatier [samples included with member-donor status completed]
  • Bulk Humic & Fulvic with infusions of Crystalline Minerals delivered by the Gallon & Ordering Bulk Commerce UPscaled for Agriculture [photos attached]
  • Sales Showroom and private appointments for Hyperbaric Oxygen Machine we are directly manufacturing which is held and accessed through signing up with our Private Membership Medical Association managed by AZ Naturopathic Dr. [flier provided]

Promotional materials & education for Western outback range ecology accessing outbackedges part of our ecotourism featured on our platform.

NOTE: Professional Consultation & Facilitation for supporting Individual or company inquiries or orders may be made by requesting our Concierge Desk at this email: [email protected].
The Concierge of this division calls you directly to assist you in consultation & fulfillment.