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Base @HighCamp Sedona West

WELCOME To ULtimateROADTriP™ & LUX NOMADTENT!™ @HighCamp SedonaWest! “Like no other dynamically experiential far-journey”. Include nostalgic memories from ‘back in the day’ when the West was younger. Immerse and lose the noise & nonsense; capture a romantic adventure through the way it was; enjoy touring and visiting the old western towns. A classic vintage automobile with the right tunes, makes it a pure pleasure for unforgettable times. Enjoy the Gift of the Great Sedona Caldera, the Grand Canyon & the expansive endless spaces to explore here.

The gift of this desert is best described as a kind of ‘experiential soulful mystique” which brings peace and quietude to the human spirit. This is a place that imparts being inspired or being in – spirit most readily to the human being who is willing to sit in the quiet to wonder and wait, for the mysterious ‘sounds and sights’ of this high desert to impart the sheer profundity of its own “lore”. Indescribable by mere words, the “lore of this high desert”, is best described by the experience and feeling one gets from being in this place …of hyper-spatial domains, yet still occupied by the spirit of the ancients. Shards of an ancient culture of intelligent human life are here.
In public ruins, public monuments and in many places not in the public eye or even entirely unknown, unfound, yet to be discovered, the legends and the lore of this land of mystique, encompasses the ancient tribes Anesazi into the 10,000 years of the history of the Hopi; the Navaho, Apache. The legends and lore of the Wild West cowboy era, that which a good deal of still exists today, is also here, accopmpanied by other dimensions, not fully explainable of legends and lore.