BOOK YOUR FREEDOM From the EVER-PRESENT MADNESS of the NONSENCETODAY EXPERIENCE ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES@HIGHCAMP SEDONAWEST & Evolve into A WORLDWIDE SAFE HAVEN DOMICILE of SYSTEMIC ORDER @ECOPLEXSPACE. Resource abundant & Asset rich these Places are filled with the people there; people teach other people there, inside starkly beautiful, luxury-soaked environments, the critically lifesaving & impossibly miraculous things which could otherwise, never be learned, merely on one’s own embarkation… are learned, enjoyed & experienced here. For a detailed level of context and description of these Premiums through this Access@Infinity portal, review below.

The Rural Solution for the Urban Dilemma
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Places with geomantic architecture, where the materials & the subject matters are of the things that have in fact been hidden away from the public forever, and have thus, never been taught to anyone in the modern world; an entire civilization, trundled under by the mega-rich who don’t care about anybody, is unraveled for the benefit of theALL.

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As you are most appreciated, and as importantly, as you may be, or as you are in the process of acquiring rarified Premiums from the ACCESS Gateway of this platform, The Concierge @WHITEGLOVEDesk of this division arranges your Preference of Conferencing, by calling you & having a conversation with you directly, in order to best assist you in your consultation process. From there, you are then facilitated further, by our resources; @Concierge Specialty Clientele Services Bureau, comprising of expertise from each division of ECOPLEX to fulfill each facet of the delivery for you, which you desire. You may find yourself not understanding everything. This is not a problem. We are here, to facilitate you, like you have never experienced, to get you, precisely, the experience you seek, the information & the knowledge you need to have. We bring you in, to and we guide you, into where you wish to arrive, in order for you to fulfill how you wish to spend the time, with the people who do know, what you wish to know, that you don’t know. Soon, you will know everything you need to know that you must know. Thank you! We appreciate you!

Please take note.  This process does require some capacity to focus and to enjoy this.  The context here includes a syntax and access into a new mythos derived from this language of an elevated reality that was transcended & emerged from ethers and placed into our 3rd dimensional space by its creator and progenitor.

By utilizing this structured capital interchange programming matrix, The Eschelon – Elevated Health Life – Capital@Interchange, a new energy world Matrix & as it is an architecture of labyrinthian-cybernetic construct, you as the end-user are dynamically empowered by utilizing this Portal Interface properly as one or two or the many who engages into Eschelons’ – Reality Modification Technology [E-RMT], you are radically upgraded, uplifted,shiftedUP & empowered to literally not only immediately choose to be activated & enabled you also may choose to through comprehending what is here and accessing the radical light of a radical metallurgical alchemical systemic order of magnitude hereby sustained over time & space through continuum and materialized as an accessible nirvanna, today. 

Should you wish to upgrade your lifetimes’ far-journey, then you must somehow acquire ACCESS@InFiNity, to acquire these premiums.  Please read then take notes.  Comprehende by enjoying the time and through comprehension into new understandings of Lifes generous and vibrant mechanisms; mechanisms and biocozmachinery that is rarely ever fueled for activation. Here, you absorb new information & knowledge rapidly enough to achieve the realization that there are new understandings in this life, which must be comprehended in order to achieve life-as-it-should be, by accessing the ‘missing elements to the food-chain’ and by understanding what precisely those ‘missing elements to the food-chain’ are.  It is presently, one of the many hidden mysteries kept from the population of Planet Earth.  Now, no longer. 

Gain access through your own merge for objective acquisition into the nirvanna.  What is ‘the nirvanna’? It is an infinity of reality removed from bondage and slavery and exists inside the physical paradisical realm of this deployment spectrum. Welcome. 

1. positively & radically change & “ShiftUP” your Reality [do it in real time today if you are so inclined] as there are access points to the tools here, there are the techniques, tips and there is ‘theAlchemy’ of a rarefied access into the human bio-cozmachinery utilizing GRAIL Tek Qzt19! formulations igniting innerchi; so it is, you must engage into the far journey that takes you into the body’s meridians and biocozmachinery by utliizing layered Qzt19!; formulations derived of the GRAIL and radically impacting your inner-chi streams.  Qzt19! is produced by ZAKLABS™ – ECOPLEXSPACE

While dynamically using a form of health optimization Alchemy formulations and plant based superfuels, you and if you & another or if you, another and a group or many who gather into these sessions of lifestream changes; here, you are directed, emplored to discovery and exploration and held by the hand through the most illuminated and illustrious of adventures into your far-journey you go now and trust us it is always “NOWocClock” so you choose the time, the moment to move into the new reality of this new terrain modification and reality shift and we the initiated the activated the ones that have manifested this reality-modification programming through this structured capital@interchange platform, do indeed standby for you to guide you on your journey step by step.

Here for you, today as it is always the moment where one may decide to choose to absorb newly found knowledge & context, therefore here right now as you read and comprehend this that is what we all do indeed seek but few there are that find their way, here is the way the truth & the radical light to illuminate your path as you walk across into the other side of darkness into pure-radical-lightness of being this make no mistake is an adventure into your far-journey as it is written on the walls of the futures past and futures present here is the all encompassing greatest thing you or anybody has ever discovered in the reduction of reality into the greatest space the space of NOW. 

Read further to achieve understanding the ACCESS@InFinity which yourself and the many others, have been looking for in order to literally & figuratively and objectively to escape the matrix, for servicing your own reality and not for example for servicing someone elses’ unless that serving serves you it is not relevant to your far-journey to achieve enlightenment and prosperity simultaneously in a high-quality shift into the Nirvana instead of being held by stuck-stasis inside a matrix that is basically eating you alive.  Seek life not death. Seek fortune not misfortune. “Find someone who is turning & you will come around”.
Here now is your prime directive derived of the universal prime directive that of respect for the individual derived out of your own self-respect to fuel the dignity of your own rebellion against your own nemesis, the you that prevents you the self from rising to you in your higher form.  Welcome:-) to your new reality-modification program. This is reality not some emulation of some fake projection of the matrix; this is a new energy world labyrinthian systemic order of sustained opulence of mind, body & spiritual holism, not found elsewhere quite like this in such accessible & granular organic formats. 

DYNAMIC REALITY SHIFTS are occurring here daily, for people that understand principals of life based on biome revitalization and depth of radically lit activation of the human biocozmachinery.  And you say, ‘what the heck is that?’ well here is part of the entree which is kaleidescopic & halographic at once within an Infinity at once which you may choose to ACCESS@InFinity, which linkage into that end of this portal matrix systemic order functions to allow for you to simply punch a few buttons and make 1 phone call to acquisition the full spectrum of ACCESS into this high-frequency resonance an acousto-optical-spectral-multi-plexed realm of living-energies built into a matrix of coordinated reality shifting experiences which literally put thepower in your hands to take control of your life and take control away from thematrix. Thank you very much. You are welcome. 

The Good Earth Medicine of realizatin of life-flow from fueling Innerchi and deriving energy of the Earth the Sky the Sun  the Moon the Stars but what of where you are standing directly there, right there in near-field all of this that must occur inside the near-field within your own footprint for you to arise into the higher ground of increasing your microcycles-per-second of human operating systemic order to function as an empowered & free human is here. 

It is here with you and it is here with us.  You decide.  We assist.  We decide.  You assist.  It is called teamwork to make the dreamwork, you’ve heard these words before but now you are seeing them in a newly minted reflection of a reality shift which we have accomplished that you have a great need for to do the same.  

So it is, this the Good Earth Medicine of Innerchi based Terrain Modification togeher with discovery work that is enlightened while exploring specific configurations of mineralized plant based alchemy for radical light based health optimization.  This that you have finally accessed in your lifes’ journey is the instrumentation matrix to in real time access radical-light-infusion at the biocozmachinery quantzlevels of reality of space time in coordinating your newly minting reality-shifts to achieve vibrancy in health optimization to put the balance of life back together in the way it should be put back together & not in some way that simply won’t work that represents a ‘band aid on the bullet hole’ approach.
This is for our lifes’ far journey to arrive into the Nirvana in real-time vs take the chance of continuing to descend into deaths doorways of which there are many too many to take the chance in continuation of the wrong path when you can achieve flight-status so to say.
This is an instructions & protocols based action packed living for lifes’ greatest potential, a system running an order of process geared to scale Day 1 and the purpose is for serving the mission of achieving hiher oscillatory microcycles per second of your human operating capacity by vibratorily increasing physical body intelligence & achieving biocozmic connectivity. Now its always NOWoclock isn’t it and so now that you may not understand these new ways of expression in this journey you are on, very definitely now is the time for you to do go ahead and understand a newly minted language and awareness that is proliferating across our planetary space and across the surface of our planetary reality. 
You may choose to be inside the now, together with an increasing number of discovers, explorers and holistic philosopherrs, scientists and writers producers and people achieving this new assemblage of themselves vs being manipulated by thematrix you too may understand your origins and the true history of the Earth to walk the Earth forever free again and never to be enslaved by false doctrines or practices or illusions again. 

So moving into activation of your biocozmic connectivity fields, you are entering into a world of disciplines that engages into increasing your yield from your energy production by accessing radical truth based activation of the quantum cozmic-source of ones’ life force. 
In todays’ fast paced world of mass confusion we together, in working with you as a combined intention, we unravel the confusion with radical light based radical truth, that can only be derived from particularly specific applied “METALLURGICAL ALCHEMY” and positively using this obscured but brilliance in applied holism of the state of the art of awareness of that which is the source of our energy-spheres, we are enabled to radically shift our reality into a desired outcome and achieve the access into the nirvanna.

One must, as a part of this process of radical UPswing in living the life, one must positively upgrade ones’ inner terrain through creating the blance required within terrain of  biome and reaching into the depths beyond just the cellular realm and move into biocomachinery activation, while simultaneously adjusting neurological functions & increasing thequality of spiritual holism presented and accessible today to advantage ones far-journey to achieve a life worth living vs a life in slavery within the matrix.

ZEN ALchemy of a new mecca derived from a new mythos.  The particulars of new realm mythos are emerged from being given access into the smoking guns of non-existent-reality so that one may escape the matrix and find the others that have done the same to continue on their far-journey in a state of unified assemblage of man & womens great far journey, this life on this Earth which is extensively beautifull but only when one accesses the nirvanna and escapes the matrix does one understand their health and prosperity coordinates properly. 

Applied Life Force to health optimization and vibrant prosperity. When entering into this new energy realm of a new mythos on the planetary space that has evolved and materialized from this applied Metallurgical Alchemy of knowledge and material shifts in access of elementals and so the result is the Mind the Body and the Soul may arise to a unified inner terrain and therefore awakening the human biocozmachinery that is otherwise entirely inactive and obscured by the modern day societal malady we refer to simply as a lack of balancein whole brain body wellness. 

The iterative change in the messaging & syntax here in this section of this portal system are refined to achieve present moment awareness for people genuinely seekin gthe truth in obtaining vibrancy & wellness as thereofre a renewal into other increased awareness layers occurs through this part of the far-journey called living life to the fullest potential of the being and accessing that infinity into the nirvanna. Well, what does that mean exactly? 

Newly transformed health vibrancy through conversion of dark-matter imto radical-light by one’s own biocozmachinery  and related activation increases the life-force which increases the awareness to where aside from radical shifts in achieving health vibrancy into true wellness, this systemic labyrinthian order, also includes how generating magnitudes of order into increased prosperity & wealth is recalibrated daily into massive rivers of cash-flowing downstream. 

In having accomplished “long lasting freedom from gridmatrix adhesion” there is an authority here which may be relied upon to direct and help you to discovery, exploration and  the full application of all the things which are gained by acquiring the ACCESS@InFinity into the nirvanna. 

It is Always NOWoClock.  You get to choose.  You get to decide.  I did. So can you:-) This is all so very very simple to do. Below is the 3rd precept with it’s contextural syntax.  For your mutually socially beneficial order of magnitude in achieving the flow of life like it’s never been spoken of before in such a dynamic accessible way of being to manifest in real time. 

3.  guided along a more optimal life-path, our integrative holistic approach seeks to professionally bring balance into the neurochemistry.  Correcting imbalances in the neurochemistry and pursuing deep energy optimization in the body and brain, bring about the changes necessary, so that you may go ahead and choose to Accelerate the Navigation of your new flight path, switch it up and float downstream while continuing daily, to Reality Modify Your Reality further, until you become newly and fully ACTIVATED into more optimal scenarios – better people and experiencing a newly minted, ‘posi-traction-lifestyle of radical positive change’  4. we provide newly modified Reality with a radically lifted bouyancy …optimizing and energizing newly appointed configurations of energy into your life-style-scenario into the place to where 5. you are experiencing a radically upgraded  “LiFtedReaLity” …making a change for today while navigating far ahead into your, newly ‘changed dynamic ecology aware future’.  100% True. This happens daily with our a. daily regular and special events attendees = our clientele and our ‘candidates for u.s. petro-dollar conversions’ b. we foster accelerated clients = our concierge specialty clientele [CSC] c. we foster escalated venturing for our affiliates = advancing individuals & companies we’ve cultivated and that are functioning properly and more optimally for themselves and the world surrounding d. our programs are for select pre-qualified individuals & investors = individuals & investors that are seeking to ”shiftUP for positive changes” who follow The Accredited Eschelon Elevated Enterprise Investor [AEEE] Qualification Guidelines e. and functioning small, medium and large groups = pre-qualified Groups that have booked an [AEEE CSC LUXVilla Residential Resort Retreat] and are self-directing, while utilizing from their experiential activities within Eschelon Matrix, deployment of [AEEE] leveledUP Eschelon Matrix – Reality Modification Technology [EM-RMT] daily.

Read, comprehend and Realize t h i sis as a new truth sent around the  Globe, for the benefit of not only [‘you the 3d ‘show-me’  self’] …but ‘theaLL’.  This ELevates your limited self into the comprehension of, ‘theaLL’ into where you are no longer ‘limited by false manufactured reality of the STUCK-StatusQuo-Stasis’; once your informed and prepared, along theWay through our incredibly powerful LUXVilla Residential Resort Retreat [AEEE CSC] programs, and as ‘the veils’ are dropped one by one; you are at each sequenced booking completion, continually escalated – elevated – into buoyancy and freedom from bondage; just simply Punch in your choice of button(s) on this EHLife – Galaxy Class Portal system.  If your experienced with this, then you already know. If your not experienced at this, then you’ll find out or …you’ll actually miss out on an incredible access and impact zone with as robust a yield as is available from such high resource state.  Surf the wave of Triality on our planet.

You acquire optimal intelligence and tools to optimize from this wave, through the events – classes – workshops & seminars – sessions and in defined Elevated LUXVilla Residential Resort Retreat phases via [health or enterprise layers or combinations of  both] and …wherein your able to become qualified, also through accessing accredited qualified Strategic Venture stages and into a series of quantum scale lifestyle shifting lifetime planned and staged, Elevated Enterprising, ShiftUP sequences.  We guarantee your results.  Take the trip, catch the wave and you arrive yourself downstream ALive & Well in “VaL HALLA”. 

And all of thisishard-case file P R O V E N‘.  So, we have delivered this the above, day in and day out for decades now, with long term proven results with long term concierge specialty clientele testimony and long term residual successful results, to prove it.  There are no time and resource wasting procedures.  There are no questions needed.  And YOU get to DECIDE Today:-).

I only ask of you one thing.  And that is this.  “Don’t make the trip, unless your hip” … Scott James – Founder – Discoverer – Explorer – Serial Entrepreneur.  And …a Change Leader across the planetary Earth new energy realm Lions Gate Star Gate Galactic Energy system. To boot:  Leader in the largest commodity cargo recovery of all time. Welcome to The Eschelon Matrix.  Scott James. Progenitor.  Escapee from theMatrix.

Getting OUT of the NOISE – the CONFUSION & the DYS-EASE for good
Instead of all the noise pollution, horns blowing and cars whizzing by, you are surrounded by the pure sounds of nature with the birds chirping, the water flowing from retreat location fountains, pools and the sounds of ocean or lake & mountain settings in the most beautiful of surroundings in glorious natural settings.  We specialize in appointing and conducting these retreats as an elevated holistic or tai chi kung fu & yoga experiences or choose from reality shifting enterprise retreat programs. Realizing balanced health optimization you seek – optimal access and maximum impact for your positive rejuvenation.

Relax completely in  ultimate Contemplation.  Experience the earthy beauty of our planet, while attending a DYNAMIC ENTERPRISE RETREAT over some of the worlds’ most rarefied options not available from anywhere else.  If you choose a yoganic practices retreat, your practicing options are in Chi Kung or Yoga instructional classes. Slow down. Embrace the spirit of the “Good Earth Medicine™”.
Savor each breath from within a series of indescribable experiences & ongoing energized event horizon.  “Leave literally with a radically improved Life and dynamic relationships otherwise impossible to  acquire. In the event you book an Elevated Enterprise Retreat™,  you will take with you newly acquired high level enterprise knowledge and new found limitless wealth …that you ‘cash in on’ over short-medium &  long  range.

It won’t matter which of our elevated retreats you choose your beautiful secluded lodging, villa or your choice in select deluxe 5star+ hotels is there to pamper you, to hold you in the color and joy of all the desired details of your Elevated Retreat; details full of so much goodness, you can’t even imagine they exist!  Everything is designed for you to feel the ‘culture-specific life-style of both destination & experience; literally becoming immediately  ‘e l e v a t e d’ by what we deliver …all while you relax into the customs of a millenary culture. Enjoy the luminous, ample aesthetic spaces, feel the art, smile and you indeed do …enjoy the balance!

Wherever ‘5star and beyond‘ is the medium …you’ll enjoy all of the best in what’s expected of ‘5star’+’; the steam room or Jacuzzi, the swim in mineralized lap pools or simply sitting in exotic gardens to soak in the centennial trees, flora & fauna of any given Good Earth Magic location awaiting your admiration while the priceless e x p e r i e n c e of our extra-ordinary retreat delivery unfolds.

Book your own personal individuated lifted & gilded experience of genuine ‘inner-chi & energetically fueled’ e l e v a t i o n’!  You have found the gateway into …all of this, theaLL of …the ‘Elevated Realm of Triality’.

Our retreat destination options are ‘affordable  world-class Premium Packages’ nestled into serene paradise settings –  seasonally optimized – into some of the most lush locations on Earth. Untarnished Nature is abundant, full of healthful plant life, fresh wild edibles flourish, always looking over or right on beautiful waters or oceans.

Accept Being Gifted.  Out of any given retreat, you will possess newly acquired, rarefied wisdom …to an incredibly enhanced advantage,actually needed in this world, for you to make the difference wherever you travel, with superior tools & far more assets acquired than you ever imagined or could possibly have bargained for. You’ll then indeed be enabled to make an impact wherever you go …for yourself, for others, for the world.”