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Without ‘disturbing the peace’ and destroying sensitive eco-systems in the desert forests, this facet of your adventure options, provides optimum ‘fast track’ adventure and bar none, incredibly cool territorial access. We provide you with professionally guided, rarified world-class services through pristine, beautiful and unique, high alpine ATV desert terrain with 24-hour base camp; experience this adventure while based out of our one-of-a-kind luxury OutbackEdges HighCamp @Sedona West & Flagstaff Alpine Cinder HighCamp, plus simultaneous, Flagstaff and Sedona-metro ‘day-culture’ and evening ‘nightlife access.
DISTANCE: 40miles from OutbackEdges HighCamp @Sedona West.
ROADS: Unpaved Forrest Roads from your location, into OakCreekCanyon to Alpine Cinder ATV Park.
TOURING: 1-, 2- and 3-Day Outback High Alpine Desert Adventure Safari trips to and from luxury HighCamp Sedona West base, desert spa and field camps plus high altitude “ATV-Safari-Camps”, simultaneous day and evening access to the City of Flagstaff, and Sedona, with in-depth touring of surrounding National Monuments and Parks.
EQUIPMENT and STAFF: We have your outback extreme ATV’s, dirt bikes & choice of extreme razor buggies, booked with your reservations, on sites. ATVs off road vehicles are arranged by our Company, as part of your adventure package and delivered to the base at HighCamps by our Company for you. Please inquire about specially outfitted dirt bikes, ATVs and extreme razor buggies. We are experts at Outback off-road equipment & vehicles.